2019 Winners from the 2nd Annual -Triple B Yearling Horse Show & BBQ afterwards. This year, the Triple B (Blazer Breeder's Best) fund paid out $5,000 to local Blazer breeders. Judging was on confirmation and in-hand trail.

Grand Champion:
-Joey To The World-F2050
-Owned by Blazing Hope Youth Family Ranch
-Exhibited by Esther Duncan

Reserve Champion:
-Sleepy Streak's Dream Catcher-F2042
-Owned & Exhibited by: Bessie Fletcher

Third Place:
-Santana's Ranger-F2043
-Owned & Exhibited by Troy Hinck

This is an excellent example of the Blazer Horse competing with her owner Georgia! Georgia is 10 and she has been riding 50 mile endurance races on Lady Bandit! how impressive is that! GO GEORGIA!

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