A reminder of the American West

Blazer Horses are the perfect all-around western horse and a great addition to any family. Their streamlined size, great confirmation,  gentle disposition and proven performance make them a phenomenal horse no matter what kind of riding you plan on doing. 

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Sylvia- with Brian and Julie Harper

This is the horse their mother, Brenda Hinck Harper rode in the gymkhanas. Sometimes big things come in small packages. This is Sylvia (1960-1985). Sylvia was a Galiceno, a small breed native to South America. Though she was not a Blazer by birth, many of her foals were by Blazer stallions and today her legacy is well secured in the ABHA stud book. The Blazer stallion Crooked River was Sylvia's grandson. Thanks, Brenda Harper for sharing this piece of Blazer history!