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2019 Board Members and (years this term)
Brian Harper-Tibaldo - President 602-868-7605 (2)
Katharine Cram- Vice President 208-283-8526 (1)
Linda Crawford- Secretary 208-350-9945 (2)
Bessie Fletcher -Treasurer 208-866-1675 (1)
K'Linn Huffman 208-401-6024 (1) 
Donna Kelleher 208-989-0882  (1)
Terri Franich- 208-585-3579 (2)
Rocky Widner- 208-599-1157 (2)
Dr. Misty Parker-208-420-8339 (1)
Registrar- Yvonna Bocci  (t)*208- 461-1055- leave message or email - registrar@blazerhorse.com
Crystal Tonto- 307-640-6059 (t)*
*At the May 17, 2019 board meeting,  the board voted to temporarily  increase the number of board members to 11 pending a member vote in November to amend the by-laws. 
Board members are elected for a two year term, elections are in October, by mail.  Must be a current member to run for board member or to vote, one vote per membership. If you are interested in serving on the board, your one paragraph bio is due by email to blazertimes@hotmail.com, before September 25, 2019.